Tooth Extractions


Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL cares about your oral health and will help you preserve and beautify your natural teeth. However, during our process of care, we may need to do simple tooth extraction or tooth repair; and if this is the case, you should expect a caring, informed staff ready to meet your needs.

Dental extraction, or tooth extraction, is the removal of teeth from the socket and bone. A tooth extraction is required or suggested if teeth are unable to be restored, if the patient has prevalent periodontal disease or tooth decay, or if the mouth has received significant trauma.

Tooth Extraction Types

There are two types of extraction that are used:

  • Simple extraction – is used for visible teeth under local anesthetic.
  • Surgical extraction – is used if the tooth is not easily accessed either because of broken teeth under the gum line or if the tooth does not erupt above the gum line. A general anesthetic will be used, and an incision may be required in the gum line to extract the tooth. The wisdom teeth removal procedure falls into this category.

Regardless of why you need a tooth extraction, we will do our very best to provide personalized care and support, and pain management during and after your extraction.

Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable or you have broken teeth to seek dental care. It is always easier to repair and ease the pain before the damage becomes more severe. Call and make a consultation for wisdom teeth removal or molar teeth removal today!

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