Cosmetic Dentistry


Is your smile looking a little rough? You may have some yellowing and staining or suffered some damage like chips and cracks. Whatever shape your smile is in, it can impact your self-esteem, confidence, ability to interact with others, and the first impression you make on new people. The good news is anything wrong with your smile can be covered up or fixed by our cosmetic dentistry in Oswego, IL. That’s right; Distinctive Dental Care offers a full assortment of cosmetic treatments to make your smile look great no matter what life has done to it.

What Types of Procedures Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cover?

There’s a good chance you’ve already had some cosmetic work done to your smile before. There are many procedures that most patients get that fall under cosmetic dentistry.

One of the most common types of cosmetic procedures is one that all patients want, and the best place to get it done is at Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL. Of course, we’re talking about getting your teeth whitened. You may think going to the dentist for this isn’t all that important, but the secret is that all of those over-the-counter whitening products don’t do the job the way a professional whitening can.

Dentists have all the knowledge and tools necessary to whiten your teeth as quickly as possible. With our dentist’s chemicals, you’ll get your teeth many shades whiter in just one visit, compared to weeks of waiting with other options.

Dental veneers and dental bonding are other treatments that help cover the damage your teeth have suffered. Many options are great for temporarily hiding the damage while you wait for corrective procedures, such as braces and crowns. We do our best to keep your smile looking how you want it to for as long as possible. Please stop by our dental clinic near you for treatment today.

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