Periodontal Care – Distinctive Dental Care


Periodontal treatment in Oswego, IL is used to manage advanced gum disease. Also known as a deep cleaning, these in-office procedures involve the meticulous removal of built-up plaque along the gum line. This is the area where bacteria thrive and destroys both soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity.

Periodontal Treatment in Oswego, IL

Aggressive therapy begins with scaling, which Dr. Bhojani uses to scrape away hardened tartar from teeth and below the gum line. Scaling is followed by root planing, to smooth out the tooth root surface to prevent future bacteria build up. The final step is to administer an antibiotic to ensure no bacteria remains in the affected area.

The only way to prevent excessive build-up is to maintain proper oral hygiene habits. Once plaque turns into tartar, it can only be removed by your Distinctive Dental Care professional.

Do I Need Scaling & Root Planing?

If you have mild to moderate symptoms of periodontal disease, Dr. Bhojani may recommend scaling and root planing. But if your condition has advanced to a severe case, you may need gum flap surgery.

What Should I Expect During a Periodontal Treatment in Oswego, IL?

The process of scaling and root planing starts with a local anesthetic. You will feel comfortable throughout the procedure. Your treatment time will vary according to the severity of the disease and the location in the mouth. If you have widespread periodontal disease, you may need multiple treatments spread out over several appointments.

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