Composite Fillings


At Distinctive Dental Care, we want to provide the best care possible. While we are providing our personalized service, it may be necessary to fill a cavity. No worries! Your care and comfort are our number one priority. Here at Distinctive Dental Care, we use composite tooth fillings to restore damaged and decayed teeth or to restructure and beautify disfigured teeth. We believe this is your best option for dental fillings because it not only bonds to your natural tooth surface, it will not contract and expand like metal fillings when exposed to hot and cold foods, which can potentially crack and destroy teeth. The process necessary for filling teeth includes:

  • Removing tooth decay and cleaning affected area
  • Composite material placed in tooth and hardened with a dental curing light
  • It is shaped and buffed to create a natural tooth appearance
  • The tooth is polished to prevent stain and wear

After Receiving Dental Fillings

Aftercare of teeth with composite fillings is important, so make sure that you:
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Avoid foods like coffee, tea, and wine that stain your teeth
  • Avoid sugary foods to prevent tooth decay
  • Avoid crunching down on ice or hard candies to prevent breakage of healthy teeth
  • Use a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid damage to enamel
  • Visit us for regular checkups and professional cleanings

Contact our Oswego or Bllomingdale, IL office today to learn more about how dental fillings can help restore your smile!

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