Sinus Lifts


Sinuses are air-filled hollows centered in the upper jaw close to the roots of your top back teeth. There is often a layer of thin bone that separates your sinus cavities from your tooth roots, resulting from bone loss.

If your top teeth need to be removed, and you want to replace them with dental implants, you may need a sinus lift to restore the missing bone.

Sinus Lifts in Oswego, IL

A minimum amount of healthy bone is required for successful implant surgery. High-tech sinus lifts in Oswego, IL raises the sunken sinus floor and enable new bone to grow.

Sinus augmentation is a very common bone grafting procedure. Many patients have lost bone in the upper jaw due to age, disease or injury. By increasing and strengthening the bone in the area, dental implants can be properly placed.

How are Sinus Lifts Performed in Oswego, IL?

Your Oswego, IL dentist makes a tiny incision in the gums to expose the jaw bone.

A small cut is made in the bone, and the thin layer covering your sinuses is thrust upwards.

The new space is filled with grafting material, a matrix that encourages natural bone growth, and the gum is secured back in position.

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