Pediatric Dentistry


Scheduling regular dental appointments with a dentist near you is important for anyone, but vital for children. The sooner that children begin receiving normal dental checkups, the healthier their mouths will be in the future. Early checkups for children can prevent things like cavities, infected gums, and decaying teeth. If you’re looking for a caring, positive place to bring your child for their cleanings and checkups, Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL & , IL could be the perfect fit near you!

What Should You Expect at Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL?

When visiting Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL, your child’s care is our top priority. Children can look forward to our waiting room play-area, a list of movies to view while receiving care, and even some small rewards at the end of their visit. We provide a variety of services for all your tiny human’s needs, including:

  1. Bruxism Treatment
  2. Gum Disease Treatment
  3. Root Canals
  4. Mouth Guards
  5. Tooth Extraction
  6. Emergency Dental Care

Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL, is happy to provide your child with patience and compassion throughout their visit, to assure a positive experience. Dr. Bhojani has years of reputable and reliable experience, assuring your child will be provided with the best care possible.

Why Is It Important for Your Child to Visit the Dentist?

It’s important to find a Children’s Dentist near you by the time your child turns one, or once their first tooth appears. Not only is this important for children, but it’s as important for parents and guardians to learn the proper ways to care for their children’s teeth, which is always discussed during appointments. It’s important to know what can cause decay, how to prevent it, and how to properly brush your young child’s teeth and assist with brushing as they grow more independent.

Tooth decay is one of the most seen issues in children, with the CDC reporting that over 40% of children have some form of decay by five to six years of age. Earlier visits for children can also help to normalize the dentist and allows children to grow comfortable with cleanings and procedures. These early visits also help to reduce the chances of developing any type of dental phobia in the future, which can lead to further issues due to avoiding the dentist.

Cleanings should be scheduled twice annually, or every six months, to ensure healthy teeth and gums for your developing child. If you’re actively looking for a reliable, caring dentist near you, Distinctive Dental Care in Oswego, IL, is the right place to go!

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