Restorative Dentistry


Your smile can reveal much about your oral health, general health, and personality. If your gums, teeth, and jawbone are in less than healthy condition, or your beautiful smile has been worn down or damaged, our dentist in Oswego, IL can provide restorative dentistry. At Distinctive Dental Care, we provide restorative treatments and procedures to help repair your smile’s foundation, restore the youthfulness of the teeth and gums, improve your oral health, and promote your bite function. Our dedicated team works to give you the care you deserve.

Our Restorative Dentistry Procedures

To help restore your bite’s function and improve your teeth and gums aesthetics, we provide numerous restorative dentistry procedures. We personalize your treatment to cater to your unique dental care needs. Bone grafting – We do dental bone grafting for patients with bone loss due to loss of teeth, gum disease, or other conditions. Bone grafting in our dental clinic may be performed as a pre-implant procedure when there’s insufficient bone or bone loss adversely affects the nearby teeth. This way, we prevent the nearby teeth from suffering additional damage. Tooth fillings – We provide both amalgam and tooth-colored fillings. Our composite fillings can help repair teeth compromised due to chipping, decay, or cracking. The composite resin fillings blend flawlessly with the enamel portion for an invisible restoration. Dental crowns – Our dentist near you crafts crowns to encase a structurally impaired tooth. Tooth crowns can protect your healthy tooth from damage and preserve a faulty tooth structure. Dental bridges – We fabricate dental bridges to replace the loss or missing teeth. A dental bridge is supported by the adjacent healthy teeth and fills the gaps where teeth have been lost. Dentures – We can replace a row of lost or missing or even fill your mouth with dentures. We provide traditional and implant-supported dentures to fit your teeth replacement needs. We place both partials and full dentures in the mouth. Please schedule an appointment with our dentist at Distinctive Dental Care to receive your restorative treatment!

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