Bone Grafting


Over time the jawbone that surrounds missing teeth breaks down and gets reabsorbed. The result is a limited amount of poor quality bone that is not suitable for placement of tooth implants. Patients with this type of atrophy are not candidates for dental implants.

At Distinctive Dental Care, we can grow and restore lost bone. This not only allows us to place titanium posts of the proper length and width, it enables Dr. Bhojani to restore mouth function and aesthetic appeal.

Bone Grafting in Oswego, IL

Bone grafting can strengthen and restore stability to implant sites with insufficient quality bone due to tooth loss, disease or injury. The transplanted bone is skillfully extracted from a site in your own body, or from a tissue bank. Sinus bone grafting is performed to grow new bone in the rear upper jaw.

High tech bone grafts are usually performed to repair jaw defects. These conditions may arise after a traumatic injury or tumor removal surgery, or because of a congenital defect. Major problems are repaired with the patient’s natural bone, harvested from one or more sites depending on the magnitude of the defect. The head, hip, and behind the knee are common donor areas. These high-end procedures are generally performed in a hospital and require a stay.

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