Root Canal Therapy in Oswego & Bloomingdale, IL

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is needed when damage occurs to a tooth’s pulp. This can happen due to an injury or due to severe tooth decay. A root canal is often a dreaded procedure but is often the only alternative to having a tooth extracted. Root canals are also very effective at eliminating tooth pain. The extent of the procedure and effectiveness will depend on how extensive the tooth damage is. During the root canal treatment, the area is assessed and then the damaged and / or dead pulp is removed and the area is then sealed.

Root Canal Pulp Infection

The pulp is housed in the center of your teeth. It consists of a collection of nerves and blood vessels that nourish the surrounding tooth. An infection that reaches deep inside the pulp may cause by severe decay, trauma, chips or cracks, or multiple dental procedures. Swelling, visible damage, sensitivity or pain in the tooth or soft tissue are signs of infection.

Root Canal Therapy in Oswego, IL and Bloomingdale, IL

If you have suffered from any of these symptoms, your dentist in Oswego, IL will likely suggest root canal therapy to remove the diseased pulp. During the procedure, your root canal dentist will extract the injured pulp, then thoroughly clean, disinfect, and seal the entire area. Treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia and may require one or more visits to complete the process.

If your impaired tooth cannot be restored with root canal therapy, or if the likelihood of a favorable outcome is poor, Dr. Bhojani will discuss the situation with you during your consultation.

After root canal therapy in Oswego, IL you will be able to drive yourself home and will probably be comfortable enough to resume your normal routine.