What Happens When a Tooth Breaks Off?

April 1, 2023

Nothing is more frightening than a tooth breaking off. You might experience damage from impacts on your mouth or everyday activities like eating hard foods, et cetera. While you will likely concern yourself about the broken tooth, it helps to remain calm because fixing a damaged tooth is not challenging if you contact the nearby dentist as soon as possible. Therefore if you suspect you have broken a tooth, please consider the following actions while waiting to reach your dentist for advice.

Causes of Discomfort from a Broken Tooth

Your tooth is part of your mouth, similar to other body parts like your hands and legs. If you encounter injuries to your hands or legs, wouldn’t you want to see your GP or rush to an emergency room? Similarly, if you experience pain from a broken tooth when involved in contact sports from impacts on your mouth with bleeding, your first thought should be to contact an emergency dentist near me to receive treatment for the problem.

In addition, you can sustain a broken to from general wear and tear from every life, to make you feel sharp pain with or without bleeding by having crunchy foods, teeth grinding, et cetera. Whatever the cause, you will experience discomfort in the broken tooth because of the weakening of your tooth enamel.

Identify Tooth Pain from a Broken Tooth

You likely experience pain from the broken tooth soon after it occurs. For example, if you experience pain when eating foods besides temperature sensitivity, it indicates a damaged tooth in your mouth. The pain you experience might be intermittent or persistent when chewing food with a broken tooth.

Actions to Adopt If Your Tooth Breaks in Two

If your tooth breaks in two pieces, call the office of the dentist at 60543 and schedule an appointment immediately. Ignoring the broken tooth is detrimental to your dental and oral health and the condition can worsen to infect the tooth.

A broken tooth infection begins in the dental pulp spreading to the gums and your jawbone. If you cannot reach your dentist, immediately continue with your regular dental hygiene practices ensuring that you remain cautious near the broken tooth brushing it gently. In addition, you must not consider leaving the broken tooth untreated because it will not heal but will allow bacteria to penetrate it to attack the soft center making you need expensive treatments. Therefore if you cannot get your dentist, do not hesitate to visit the emergency dentist nearby to receive treatment immediately.

Various Treatment Options for a Broken Tooth

If you intend to preserve your broken tooth, you must get to a dentist in Oswego as soon as possible because the chances of saving your tooth are optimal when you receive treatment in the shortest time. The treatment options the dentist might consider include the following:

  • The dentist will also suggest intensive treatments if you have lost tooth enamel because they can quickly fill the tooth with tooth-colored fillers or bond them using similar material.
  • If you have lost a tiny part of your tooth, the dentist will recommend protecting the remaining portion with dental fillings or a crown.
  • Unfortunately, if you have fractured your tooth severely, the dentist will suggest endodontic surgery to remove the affected portion and protect your dental pulp.
  • If the fracture extends to the dental pulp, you require a root canal or tooth extraction if you think the treatment is fearsome and will cause excruciating pain.

Breaking your tooth is unpleasant because it can make you think you will need replacement teeth at considerable expenditure. However, if you contact the dentist in the shortest possible time, they can restore the tooth with the options discussed earlier. However, if you intend to succeed with the best outcomes, you must have the tooth evaluated without delaying the treatment. Ignoring treatment for broken teeth results in tooth loss and research for replacements with dentures, implants, or bridges.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Broken Teeth

If you want to avoid challenges with broken teeth, you can quickly overcome the problem by wearing mouthguards when involved in contact sporting activity and night guards if affected by bruxism, exercising caution with the foods you have, or using your teeth as tools for purposes other than chewing foods. Therefore if you adopt preventive techniques to avoid breaking your teeth, you can comfortably stay out of trouble and unnecessary expenditure to keep your natural teeth optimal.

Distinctive Dental Care Oswego receives many patients with entirely broken or severely fractured teeth, offering them remedies best suited to their needs. If you are in a similar situation, kindly do not hesitate to meet them for an appointment to evaluate your case and receive treatment immediately to preserve your natural teeth.

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