Top 3 Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth

February 23, 2018

For many people, perfectly aligned teeth are a huge part of a beautiful smile. While many think cosmetic reasons are the only reasons to have straight teeth, there are many ways that misaligned teeth can cause long-term oral health problems.

Crooked Teeth Can Affect the Jaw

When the teeth are crooked, it puts irregular stress on the jaw. When the upper and lower jaw do not align properly, it can cause issues like TMJ. Teeth grinding and clenching can soon follow and lead to worse dental issue like cracked teeth and spreading neck/ear pain.

Crooked Teeth are Harder to Clean

When teeth are crooked, it creates more difficult to reach areas. As bacteria builds up in these spots, it can eventually lead to issues like cavities, needing root canals or gum disease. Straighter teeth are much easier to clean and helps to keep the rest of your mouth healthy as well.

Straight Teeth Help Build Confidence

By far, the most popular reason people choose to straighten teeth is for the cosmetic appeal and to help themselves feel more confident. Oftentimes, straighter teeth makes others feel better about you. It is a fact that many times books are judged by their cover, and similarly, a bright white smile with straight teeth makes a huge impact on people.

With advancements in the field of orthodontics, there are now many options for straightening your teeth in a subtle way. Invisalign has revolutionized how teeth are straightened and does so in a barely visible way. Besides having an amazing smile, straighter teeth are healthier and straighter teeth work better. Straightening your smile can help prevent many future issues and help you look amazing! Looking to get an orthodontic treatment, braces or invisalign in Oswego? Distinctive Dental Care is here to help!

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