Top 10 mistakes to avoid when getting dental implants

March 7, 2024

Are you considering dental implants? This innovative tooth replacement option offers many benefits, but there are also pitfalls to avoid. As your implant dentist near you, I want your implant experience to be as smooth and successful as possible. This guide will overview the top 10 mistakes you should avoid when getting dental implants.

They do not have a specialist perform the dental implant procedure.

Though general dentists can legally place implants, Bloomingdale dental implant surgery is a complex procedure best left to periodontists or oral surgeons. These dental specialists have years of additional training and experience putting hundreds of implants. Trust your smile restoration to the capable hands of an actual implant expert rather than a dabbling general dentist.

Choosing the lowest bidder to save money

The adage “you get what you pay for” applies to discount dental implants. Low prices typically mean cutting corners somewhere – whether in the quality of materials used or the dentist’s level of skill and experience. While implants involve an investment, don’t jeopardize your oral health to save a buck—partner with a dental implant specialist you can trust.

Failing to maintain good oral hygiene before getting implants

Excellent oral hygiene is necessary before and after surgery to create an environment primed for implant integration. Skipping, brushing, and flossing can allow harmful bacteria to flourish, potentially leading to implant failure. Don’t sabotage your chances of success.

They are not giving enough time for bone grafts to heal correctly.

If your jawbone density is low, bone grafting may be recommended before placing the implant cylinder. Rushing this preparatory procedure can set you up for failure. Be patient and allow the grafted bone several months to regenerate. Your dentist will determine when the site is ready.

Skipping follow-up appointments during healing periods

The early stages after implant placement are critical. Attending all prescribed follow-ups is essential to ensure proper osseointegration – the implant fusing securely to the jawbone. Don’t miss an appointment just because you aren’t experiencing pain or issues. Let your dentist in Bloomingdale monitor your progress.

Putting off needed bone grafting before implant surgery

If prominent bone loss exists, bone grafting shouldn’t be deferred. Insufficient bone means the implant won’t anchor properly. Undergoing this restoration step beforehand leads to better outcomes later. Speak to your dental implant specialist about whether grafting should precede your implant placement surgery.

I am not quitting smoking before and after the procedure.

Lighting up compromises implant success rates – bad news for smokers hoping to get this tooth replacement option. Nicotine restricts essential blood flow to the implants while they heal. Quit smoking for several weeks before and after surgery to limit these effects. Your dentist can discuss medicated quitting aids.

Consuming alcohol too soon after getting implants

Similar to smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages too soon before or following implant placement can make integration less likely. Alcohol impacts blood circulation and the body’s natural immune inflammatory response. Avoid consumption for one week pre-op and several months post-op.

Eating hard or sticky foods prematurely

Crunchy, sticky foods could dislodge implant cylinders before complete fusion occurs. Follow all dietary restrictions from your oral surgeon – usually several weeks to months. Stick to soft, nutritious whole foods as you heal. Inform your dentist if you experience pain while chewing after surgery.

They need to care appropriately for implants once integration occurs.

Don’t stop diligent oral hygiene practices once your implants are placed. Brush twice daily, floss once daily, and see your dental clinic near you for regular professional cleanings. Also, avoid chewing challenging items like ice or popcorn kernels, which could damage implant crowns or bridgework.

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