Root Canal Therapy: A Great Treatment for Saving Teeth

May 7, 2018

Has your Distinctive Dental Care dentist recently informed you of the need for root canal therapy? You may be concerned about what is involved in a root canal therapy and how it will benefit you. To learn more about the treatment plans our dentists offer we encourage you to continue reading on.

How does the tooth become infected?

Often times a tooth can become infected by a cavity left untreated or by a loose filling. This can infect the pulp inside your tooth. A chip or a crack in your tooth can also invite bacteria inside your tooth. An infected tooth can cause great pain; therefore, it is vital to see your dentist at Distinctive Dental Care immediately to receive treatment as soon as possible.

What will happen during root canal therapy?

Your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic to help you remain comfortable during your root canal therapy. Your dentist will completely clean out your tooth’s pulp and remove the infected area. They will then properly disinfect the inside of your root canal area in the tooth. Your dentist may then choose to provide you with an antibiotic in your empty pulp which helps to ensure the infection is totally gone before placing a restoration. Restoration options are dental crowns or fillings depending on the placement of the therapy. These restorations can last for a very long time with proper care and keeping.

Root canal treatments are excellent for saving teeth. If you are in need of a root canal therapy and have further questions, then contact one of our dentists for more information. Call our dental clinic to set up your next dental appointment with us and get back on track with a healthy smile!

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