Now Is the Right Time to Get Crooked Teeth Fixed

March 20, 2023

Is a misaligned smile preventing you from feeling self-confident?

Thanks to modern dental technology, fixing crooked teeth has now become easier than ever. Dental braces help straighten and move teeth into the desired positions. Braces help improve the way your teeth look and function and help you sport an even, attractive smile. Braces not only provide a host of cosmetic benefits, but they also improve long-term oral health by enhancing your bite.

Dental braces are often used together with other orthodontic appliances to shape the dental arch, jaw, and palate for better aesthetics and functionality.

Traditional Braces versus Invisalign®

Braces at Distinctive Dental Care not only straighten misaligned teeth but also reduce teeth grinding, enamel abrasion and make teeth easier to clean. Overcrowding can also be caused due to eruption of teeth that are larger than the space in the gums.

The problem is, traditional braces come in the form of unsightly metal plates, wires, and rubber bands that Dr. Javed Bhojani tightens roughly every four weeks. The patient often finds it difficult to clean their teeth as conventional braces cannot be removed or inserted by anyone other than a dentist near you.

Clear, transparent Invisalign® aligners can rectify a crooked smile in 18 to 22 months. Once your dentist in Oswego or Bloomingdale, IL evaluates your oral cavity and takes measurements, you can expect to wear your first set of Invisalign® aligners within a couple of weeks.

How Invisalign® Can Help

If crooked teeth are ignored, it could lead to a host of problems such as an unattractive smile, speaking, biting, and chewing problems, headaches, gum disease, and decay. Invisalign® braces can help:

  1. Rectify overcrowded or awkwardly angled teeth
  2. Correct excessive spacing between and improve a gapped smile
  3. Eliminate underbite, overbite, and crossbite problems

A misaligned dental arch can make it difficult to articulate certain words and sounds. Once Dr. Bhojani corrects your smile, you’ll be able to speak, chew and smile confidently. We offer personalized orthodontic treatment for children as well as adults. Please contact Distinctive Dental Care to learn more about the right type of braces for your needs.


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