Is Invisalign Right for Me?

December 12, 2018

Everyone is eager to correct their smiles while boosting their self confidence. Our team at Distinctive Dental Care in Villa Park, Illinois provide patients with a wide range of treatment options and services that benefit the overall appearance and health of smiles. Invisalign treatment is often used to discreetly correct misalignment issues that affect many individuals. Continue reading on to learn more about Invisalign treatment and see if it is the right option for your specific situation.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear aligners to correct the alignment of teeth over a shorter period of time, compared to traditional metal braces. The aligners should be worn for the majority of the day as the constant pressure helps to move the teeth. Each aligner should be worn for around two weeks at a time. Your dentist will provide you with the next series of aligners every couple of weeks. You will visit your dentist every six to eight weeks simply to ensure the progress is on track. The treatment can be as quick as a year if followed correctly.

What are The Benefits of an Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign treatment can bring patients a wide range of benefits including the following:

  • Increased comfort. Invisalign uses plastic trays that are much more comfortable than traditional metal brackets, which often poke and prod the soft tissues.
  • Shorter treatment length. Invisalign allows for a shorter treatment time with fewer visits to your dentist. It is the perfect option for busy families.
  • You can enjoy all your favorite foods. Traditional braces require you to avoid certain foods that often get caught or damage the brackets. The clear trays of Invisalign can easily be taken out for eating and cleaning purposes throughout the day.

If you are interested in an Invisalign treatment for your smile in the Villa Park, Illinois area, then contact our team at Distinctive Dental Care for more information. You can call us today to book your next consultation to see if an Invisalign treatment could help to improve you smile.

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