How Do You Know If You Need Dental Implants?

April 1, 2019

Do you have a missing tooth or more than one missing teeth? It may be an embarrassing situation for you. You may feel conscious when dealing with people, while smiling, laughing, or getting clicked. It’s important to get your missing tooth/ teeth replaced by dental implants.

Here’s a Look at the Reasons You May Need Dental Implants:

  • Loose Partials, Dentures, or Bridges

  • If you had opted for partials, dentures, or bridges in Oswego, IL for replacing the missing tooth and if they have become loose now and you are afraid if they will fall out, it’s better to go for dental implants. The implants are secured directly into your mouth so there’s no need to worry about loosening or anything falling out as they act like natural teeth.

  • Broken or Cracked Teeth

  • When there is an issue with teeth, the dentist near IL 60543 tries the most to save the natural tooth but in some cases of severe cracks in tooth or broken tooth, extraction and replacing it with implants is a better option. Implants replace the broken teeth with a natural looking tooth and help in getting rid of the pain.

  • Inability to Chew, Eat, or Speak

  • The dentist in Oswego IL 60543 will first try to treat your dental issues such as cavities, TMJ, teeth grinding, and bite issues. However, when these treatments don’t work, the dental implants may possibly the only and ideal solution.

  • Infected Tooth

  • Some teeth are infected beyond repair and even a root canal therapy may not work. Such tooth needs to be extracted and replaced by a dental implant which will restore the look and function of the lost tooth.

  • Facial Changes

  • If you had missing tooth or dentures for a while, the face may change and appear sunken, thinner, and older. This makes it a good reason to have dental implants as the implant stimulates the jaw bone and prevents bone loss.

    Dental implants are one of the most effective and durable options for replacing the missing tooth.

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